Michigan DUI Laws and The Criminal Process

If you face charges stemming from a DUI in Michigan, it’s critical that you discuss your case with a skilled Grand Rapids DUI attorney as soon in the process as you can. Your attorney can help educate you on Michigan law and what to expect from the criminal process. That way, you can work together to make informed decisions about what’s in your best interests.

A Grand Rapids DUI Attorney Explains Basic Laws Relating to DUIs

Michigan has strict drunk driving laws. Even for a first offense, you could face jail time. Therefore, it’s critical that you contact a Grand Rapids DUI lawyer if you’re charged.

Michigan has a zero tolerance policy when it comes to minor’s who are suspected of driving under the influence. That means, if you are under 21, it doesn’t matter how low your blood alcohol content is. If you have alcohol in your system, you could be convicted of a DUI. For those over 21, the legal limit is .08 percent BAC. Your attorney can discuss the possible penalties for first time offenders and multiple offenders but the more convictions you have, the more likely you will face stiff jail time, fines, license suspension, and electronic monitoring.

A Grand Rapids DUI Attorney Discusses How a Prosecutor Views a Case

As your Grand Rapids DUI lawyer can explain, if you are charged with a DUI, your case will be assigned to a county prosecutor in the jurisdiction in which you were arrested. The prosecutor’s job is to gather evidence to prove you committed every element of the crime beyond a reasonable doubt. Just like your own lawyer, the prosecutor will probe for weaknesses in the case such as the way evidence was collected by the police or whether there is any question about whether you in fact were driving the car. The prosecutor weighs the strength of the case against the the resources he or she will have to commit to take the case to trial. This cost/benefit analysis is often what drives a prosecutor’s decision on whether to offer a plea bargain.

A Grand Rapids DUI Attorney Explains How a Defense Strategy May Be Built

Your Grand Rapids DUI lawyer will look at how the police obtained evidence against you. If they did not have reasonable suspicion to make the traffic stop, this could work in your favor. If the testing used to measure your blood alcohol levels was improperly administered, this could help. Your attorney will also explore whether you have any medical condition that could have skewed any testing results. Some individuals who work with paint thinners, for example, can have unreliable breathalyzer results. Then, your attorney will look at whether there are any exigent or emergency circumstances that could mitigate your decision to drive under the influence.

How You Can Help Your Grand Rapids DUI Attorney

The best thing you can do to help your case is communicate truthfully with your attorney. Make sure you respond to all phone calls and requests for information. If you have bail conditions or are under any other court orders, it’s critical that you follow them during the course of your criminal proceedings. Your attorney can discuss those with you in detail.

To discuss your case with an experienced Grand Rapids DUI attorney with a proven track record of getting results, contact the law offices of Blanchard Law. To make an appointment for your initial consultation, call (616) 244-2234. The sooner you speak to an attorney, the more options you may have for handling your issue.


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