Addressing Post-Arrest Tests and Procedures

Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Attorney After law enforcement agents arrest a suspect, they will typically gather as much evidence as possible in order to build a robust case. If unsure about lawful evidence collection procedures, defendants may want to consult their Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney before consenting to or rejecting any post-arrest processes.

Allowable Actions After Arrest

A Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney can explain that law enforcement officers are allowed to complete the following procedures after arresting a suspect.

  • Include the defendant in a lineup for identification reasons;
  • Fingerprint the suspect;
  • Question the defendant;
  • Ask for permission to investigate the suspect’s property; and
  • Retrieve personal evidence from the defendant such as handwriting and voice samples, and even perform breathalyzer and blood sample tests in DUI cases.

Assuming that the necessary paperwork is in place for those tests that require court orders or warrants, police officers have the right to request a defendant’s cooperation in all of the procedures above.

Consequences of Refusing to Submit to Police Requests

A suspect’s refusal to consent to police requests can lead to various consequences, such as:

  • Imprisonment for contempt of court;
  • Possible license suspension and increased jail time in DUI cases; and
  • Usage against the defendant as an indication of his or her guilt.

Therefore, a Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyer could suggest that a defendant automatically submit to certain procedures, aside from property searches and interrogations, after arrest.

A Helping Hand During a Stressful Time

A calm and collected Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney may be able to provide much needed guidance after a defendant’s arrest. If you or a loved one has been arrested, don’t wait to call Blanchard Law at (616) 244-2234.


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