How to Determine If You Have a Criminal Case

Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyers Working In OfficeIt is not always easy to determine if a certain set of facts give rise to a solid criminal case. Some cases are not clear-cut, and others may involve fabricated stories and evidence by the alleged victim. If you are already in the crosshairs of law enforcement and are not sure if you need a lawyer, our Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyers can help you determine whether retaining a criminal attorney is in your best interests. In most cases, our clients find a great deal of support by retaining an attorney to handle their case.

Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyers: Help from the Beginning

Law enforcement officers are specially trained in interrogation tactics. You are not. Therefore, police will use every imaginable tactic during an interrogation or interview to cause you to trip over your words, backpedal on a prior statement or skew the truth – even if unintentional. Our criminal defense lawyers undoubtedly prefer to get involved in a criminal matter as early as possible and encourage you to enlist the services of an attorney even if you have not been formally charged yet. As you likely recall, anything you say can be used against you in a court of law, and your Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney can help ensure you do not say or do anything to implicate yourself in a criminal matter.

If you have already been charged with a crime, now is the time to find a competent and reputable Grand Rapids criminal defense attorney. The prosecution is unusually adept at eliciting information from unrepresented individuals and will use your words against you – even if taken out of context. Your Grand rapids criminal defense lawyers will make certain you are never questioned or interrogated without counsel present, and will object to any unlawful or incriminating questions.

Working with Grand Rapids Criminal Defense Lawyers as Your Case Progresses

As your criminal case progresses, additional issues will arise that will require the services of a knowledgeable attorney. For example, many criminal matters involve constitutional criminal procedure questions (e.g., search and seizure issues). A criminal defense attorney is the best resource to help you apply the law to your facts and possibly have incriminating evidence excluded on constitutional grounds.

Also, as your case moves along, it will become apparent whether the prosecution has a strong case and, if not, you may want to consider going to trial. Sometimes, taking your case to trial can result in an acquittal or not guilty verdict, making the experience worthwhile. Other times, you may be taking a chance with your rights and freedom, and your Grand Rapids criminal defense lawyers can help you best determine whether you should progress to trial or take a plea bargain.

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