How Your DUI Attorney in Grand Rapids Will Educate You About Your DUI Case

books DUI Attorney in Grand RapidsA DUI attorney in Grand Rapids will educate you about the offenses you are alleged to have committed.

Your DUI Attorney in Grand Rapids Will Explain the Elements of DUI Charges

For the prosecutor to secure a conviction in a DUI case, the elements must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. If there are elements that have not been proved, it is possible that you can provide the attorney with information to be acquitted. When you are preparing for a DUI case, it’s important that your DUI attorney in Grand Rapids explains how the legal system functions. Some of the issues that need to be explained are:

-The defenses that can be lodged and what fines you may face;

-If you might be confronted by a civil case to pay those who were injured if there was an accident;

-What consequences you may face if you are convicted including what the penalties might be;

-Whether or not your drivers’ license can be suspended or revoked;

-If a diversion program or an alcohol education option is available in lieu of being sentenced;

-If you will have to pay more in insurance after the DUI charge.

Understanding Perjury and Attorney Fees

If you make a false statement while under oath, it is known as perjury. Your attorney will advise you to tell the truth if you testify. There are penalties for perjury, and your attorney might take certain steps if it is known you plan to lie. Your lawyer will also talk about the fees you will have to pay for representation. An agreement will be made in writing. This includes the retainer, how much an expert hired to testify will cost, and other fees. This discussion will fulfill the requirements for the attorney to behave in an ethical manner and prevent a dispute later on.

Contact an Experienced DUI Attorney in Grand Rapids

If you have been charged with DUI, there are many factors that you need to learn about. Call DUI attorney in Grand Rapids Blanchard Law at (616) 244-2234 to discuss your case today.


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