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Have you been arrested for being in possession of alcohol or testing positive for alcohol? As a minor and a student of GVSU, you have a lot at risk if you are facing charges for minor in possession of alcohol (MIP). Our Grand Rapids drug crime attorneys at Blanchard Law have decades of combined experience to help you.

The penalties for a minor in possession charge, which is a misdemeanor, may include:

  • Fines up to $500
  • Community service
  • License suspension

In addition to criminal consequences, you could be facing probation or other penalties from the school as a result of breaking the law and GVSU's rules. If it is a second or subsequent conviction, you could face further suspension or time in jail.

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Understanding Preliminary Breath Test (PBT) Requirements

There are a number of different laws in the state of Michigan which determine whether or not a minor has to submit to a PBT. In the past, when a member of law enforcement had reasonable cause to believe that the minor is under the influence of alcohol, the minor was required to submit. When they refused to do so, it was a civil infraction that leads to a fine.

That statute was recently deemed unconstitutional, meaning that as a minor, you can refuse an unreasonable seizure or search. It is important that you ask law enforcement if you are required to submit and politely decline if it is simply a request.

Fight Your MIP with the Help of a Skilled Lawyer

Minor in possession charges may not always carry extreme criminal consequences, but a crime of this nature can still impact your child's life for years to come. A conviction will remain on your child's criminal record, which can affect their future education, employment opportunities, and reputation. If you or your child have been arrested for MIP as a GVSU student, act quickly to fight the charges against you.

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